Pale Ale & IPA 12 Pack


6 x Althea, 330ml, 4.8%

6 x Full Sail IPA, 330ml, 5.8%

Includes 15c per can return recycling charge which can be refunded through one of the Re-turn machines or retailers

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A selection of two of our most popular beers in a handy fridge filler pack.

Althea is our hazy house pale ale, it’s a constant in our lineup and delivers maximum hop flavour at an easy 4.8% ab. Packed full of juicy US hops like orangey Amarillo and the ever popular, Citra.

Full Sail is a big IPA based on the much loved original IPAs of California. Brewed with a simple malt bill that gives the fresh US hops space to sing and create a hugely drinkable IPA. Brewed here in Galway using only the best ingredients and stored cold in our brewery for maximum freshness.