Mixed case, 12 of each beer, 4.5% and 4.4%

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Mixed case of 12x Buried at Sea stout (4.5%) and 12x Bay Ale red ale (4.4%)

Enjoy the best of both worlds! Twelve cans of our fabulous Buried at Sea milk stout, and twelve cans of our red ale, Bay Ale.

Bay Ale is a copper coloured, traditional ale with malt and hop aromas and a smooth and well-balanced flavour. Hoppy, yet malt-forward this ale strikes a great balance. Layered crystal malts together with Munich and a kiss of pale chocolate malt. A delightful showcase of Irish and British malts.

Ten different malts make up Buried at Sea session strength flavourful stout. Big coffee and chocolate, with a kiss of roast all tied together with a beautiful sweet finish from layered crystal malts and milk sugar. While dark, rich and decadent this beer finds balance and subtlety in its lightness and drinkability.