I Hear You Like IPA Cold IPA 6 Pack


I Hear You Like IPA, 6 x 440ml, 6.9%

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Our newest small batch release is a relatively new kid on the block style wise. With Cold IPA the idea is to utilise the unintrusive character of cold fermenting lager yeast to allow tropical US hops like Strata to shine and a slightly sharper body to emerge. It’s a beautifully crisp and clean way of brewing IPA, It suits a bit of sunshine if you can find some.
Brewed with a super light base of pilsner malt and rice. Fermented with a blend of house lager and ale yeasts. Then hopped heavily in boil and whirlpool with simcoe, columbus and strata and double dry hopped with more of the same. A superb base to let these star hops shine. Double dank and crisp